Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Count Your Blessings

I have been fortunate in my motherhood. When I decided I wanted a baby, I was pregnant 3 months later...and then 6 months after that 17 was born...without my knowledge or consent (but that is a story for another day)
I had good pregnancies with non-deliveries (C-sections)-I don't give birth- and I have awesome, rotten, glowingly healthy kids. They always have been crazy hale and hardy! If you don't count broken bones, busted ear drums or scarlet fever...
That is why this hit me hard~and why it is so weird how...connected...I feel to this child. A child I never knew until the day she died and some bloggers posted about it. A child who I sobbed over dying~but I really think I was crying because I never knew her and really never could have. In all my days of baby-gazing~and I LOVE to baby-gaze~I have never seen such a face. It was so expressive...and those eyes...and that smile...
So tonight, kiss your babies-no matter their age-and send a Happy Birthday to Maddie in Heaven. Today she is two.

Have you ever seen such Joy?

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P.K.G. Electricals said...

life is interesting....

P.K.G. Electricals

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

oh how that little face haunts me :-( and yet, it almost reminds me that every moment is precious.

Email me - you won a prize from UL on my fire post!

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