Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 Days of Truth-Day 1

Something you hate about yourself
Wow...that is a real fun starter, right?  Let's see...I really dislike the word "hate".  I have lots I dislike-procrastinator, messy, forgetful, loud, mean sometimes, slacker,  opinionated~it could be a long list.  But hate..

I hate that for whatever reason, I continue to refuse to believe in  myself. I don't see smart, I don't see a successful person, I have a very hard time with compliments.  I focus on what I could have done, should have is just weird. I always stop just short of that thing I want to achieve.  I am the worst self-saboteur you will ever meet.

Maybe I need therapy???

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Avitable said...

It's important to take that first step and learn to appreciate what you're good at doing.