Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A firebird, an x-rated movie theatre and Rocky Horror funny, remember, theater

"So let's go!"
"Yes! These guys may never ask again, ya know!"
"OK, I'm Game!"
Do you remember the Firebird? I do. We were so very cool. Even among the "rich kids" at our school, we had the best car-thanks to your mom and GM. We did so many things in that car...Remember. Every Friday night football game pre-party, the Buns Strip Club with only male dancers (wait, we were in the 'Vette then), the Spring Break trip to Florida when the luggage wouldn't fit so we emptied the clothes in the trunk, packed 4 teenage girls and a big brother in the car with a half gallon of Jack Daniels, cranked the 8 track with Van Halen, Rolling Stones and Christopher Cross and drove all night. Getting pulled over ~underage and stocked for New Years Eve~ throwing it all out the window only to be lectured by the clueless cop about not having your lights on at dusk. It was all so FUNNY! But my favorite memory of that car had to be the first time we went to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Remember how we followed Ed and Kevin and Billy down to the X-rated movie theater and we were passing the beer back and forth between the cars going 45 miles an hour down the road. We went into the theater with all the stuff...toilet paper and toast and cards and water...and we thought we were so cool. Remember how the floor was sticky and the show hadn't even started yet...EEEWWWWWW!!! All the posters in the lobby for the films that were showing and we're trying to be mature but they were so funny with the semi naked women and the stupid movie names. Then we laughed till we cried at all the freaks dressed up like...what?? Who knew. Then the lights went down and the show came on and we had the best time! A bunch of 17 year old girls at an X-rated movie theater with really cute older guys doing "The Time Warp"! Transexuals and sticky floors and wet clothes and cute guys and a new Firebird-what more could a girl have wanted in 1979? Remember?


tumblewords said...

Nicely told - like the way you used the prompt words.

gautami tripathy said...

Those were the times!!

Welcome to 3WW!

slow demise

TC said...

I can see you talking to your friend, reminiscing. Nicely done.

Welcome to 3WW! :)

Tammy said...

I graduated in "79" so I can relate to the times. I drove a pinto but my boyfriend had a firebird. ;)

Creative and fun use of the words! I didn't even notice the words it was so well written. ;)

pia said...

My husband (ex) knew every word to every part in the Rocky Horror Show

Welcome to 3WW!!

Norma said...

Great story and use of the 3WW. My kids were so mad that they only got the 4 dr Buick sedan to drive to school!

I didn't do 3WW, but wrote a poem this morning that you are invited to see. If you work in a library you've got to be great, right?