Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time out for a BITE

Gotta go!!! It's SHARK WEEK!!!!!!! Why aren't you people watching??? Go~Git~
You might miss the coolest thing I ever saw....people actually getting bit~live~on film (or video...whatever!!) Twisted, I know, but they survived and live to to tell the tale. They also almost universally recognized they got bit for being in the shark's space, not the other way around. DUH
OOO Mike from Dirty Jobs is on catching sharks in Greenland....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Just for Giggles

So, I put the Feedjit thing on my sidebar to see where both of my loyal readers are coming from. Turns out most are coming from Google because they search some combination of hot, boys and speedos. The reason is this. Is it wrong that I find this misdirection f'ing hysterical? I am getting my rocks off about interupting the one handed touch typing of freaks and pedophiles all over the world. So tonight, if you come here looking for hot boys in little speedos, penis in hand, fired up, ready to go...you only get me, a short round middle aged librarian in jammies older than her children. So sorry, dude, put it away and pay for a porn site like most pervs...Unless the middle aged librarian in 15 year old jammies thing does it for you, then contact me and we can chat~slowly~cause I know you are only used to typing with the one hand...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Calmed by the winds

I have kind of a sixth sense about rain and storms. Not like a trick knee or an arthritic hip (not yet anyway) or anything, just a general knowledge of what is coming and how close it is going to be. My Grandpa told me once you can tell if rain is a comin' when the leaves on the trees show their underside. I still look to the treees when the wind picks up. I remember a house I lived in when I was 5 that had a giant picture window and I would sit on the back of the coach and watch it rain. This was in "tornado country" but I was never afraid. And despite living in "Hurricane/Lightening Country" now, I am still calmed, not agitated, by storms. Even during the last Big One, when my house was breathing like a living part of the storm, I had to sit in my window and watch. It was awe inspiring.

The rumble starts long before I hear it
Low below my consciousness
I can feel the calm approaching

The serenity of a thunderstorm
Powerful gathering clouds
Strong wind blown rain

The heart of Mother Nature
beating from her breast to my roof
Like a child held in her mother's arms

Settling me into her peace
I nap wrapped in her safety
while she nurses the Earth

Like her other children
I awake refreshed after nourishment
Stronger for all she has given me

Friday, July 25, 2008

Point of View

weekend wordsmith

Striped scarf lady:
I always knew you would end up just like your father.

Hoodie Girl:
I hope the bus gets here soon. I am so breaking up with him on my blog tonight!

Red Jacket Guy:
Dude, the only person who EVER looked cool doing the Hand Jive on the floor was Kenickie. For God's sake, get up!!

Bald Guy:
I hope this posts to YouTube OK. The kitten under blanket is killing my rating.

Man on Ground:
Swallowed my Tic Tac....Must not go toward the light...

Friday, July 18, 2008

No, Seriously, the House was Haunted


I grew up in a haunted house. REALLY. I mean it. Spooky, creepy, weird things happened there the entire time I lived there and beyond. When we first moved in, a man's voice (no men living there at the time) came from behind my Mom in the dark basement and said "Get out." When she turned the light on, no one there. Mom heard a crying girl child often, and it was never one of us. Things moved and disappeared all the time. Once, when I was alone in the house and was waiting for my Dad to pick me up, I was sitting in the living room. As I watched, all the pictures in the room began to watch me. Eyes moved, smiles became (for lack of a better word) satanical. The frames began to move across the table they were sitting on. It makes my pulse quicken even 30 years later. By the time my Dad got there, I was hysterical. The night my aunt died, all the clocks in the house stopped at the time of her death. Some day I will get my brother to tell about his experience one night (as an adult living in the house) with the black cat and the man in the black hat...

But the most "haunted" part of the house was the upstairs bedroom shared by me and my sister. "Someone" walked up and down the stairs at all hours of the day and night. The door to the stairwell opened and closed constantly all on its own. Lights turned off and on, voices called, things disappeared and turned up there....all kinds of creepy, scary but really harmless stuff from the "other side".

I lived in the house from ages 10-19, then moved to Florida. The phenomena still occurred after I left and even upon my return for visits. One day, maybe 5 years or so after I had left, the Ghost and I had a showdown. I had never really felt threatened in the house as a child, but as an adult, the bedroom became more sinister. My parents had renovated the room, moving closets and such, and I had a feeling Ghost was not amused~but I seemed to be the only one to notice. I was OK during the day, or to be up there to watch TV after dark, but it got to the point that I would sleep in the basement or my brother's old bed because I could feel the classic "something's under the bed" creepies. One afternoon, as I sat alone in the house reading the paper in the kitchen, the door began to open. I pretended to ignore it, just watching out of the corner of my eye. It closed a little hard. Opened further, stayed open for a minute or so, then slowly creaked closed. Someone wanted my attention and this went on for several minutes. Finally I closed the paper, turned to the door and said, "Do you want to discuss this?" The door opened wide and stayed opened. "Fine. I have been dealing with you for a while now and I am kind of over it. I don't like being scared, and I don't think you have ever meant us any harm, but lately you are a little creepy. So I have decided I am not going to be afraid of you." The door moved a little, like it was making up its mind. Then it slammed hard enough to rattle the windows. I jumped, but kept my cool, opened the paper and started to read again, but still watching. The door opened wide. It stayed that way for several minutes, then slowly, quietly, it closed. "Thank you, my friend.", I said. I never saw the door open again.

Before you go all skeptic on me, I will tell you that the door latched firmly. It moved all times of the year, so it can't be blamed on the furnace and we didn't have central air. It happened with windows opened and windows closed. It happened with old crank out casement windows and brand new tight fitting storm windows. It happened day and night. So, believe what you want, but I know, for a fact, that my house was haunted.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sacred Space

This sounds amazing. I am by nature a really bad housekeeper and a pack rat (I blame all the moving we did as kids and a wrenching bankruptcy from my childhood, but the truth is I would just rather do other stuff...) but the idea of a small space, just for me to sit and think and meditate with no kids, dogs, computers, phones, books, clutter~just carefully chosen quiet things~is something I feel I really need to do.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A little girl time

14 has gone to the Keys this weekend to fish with a friend ~sending him to private school is paying off in free trips this summer :) 15 and I spent a pleasant afternoon shopping and then decided to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We had such a great time! First, dinner was free thank to my friend K who sent me a gift cert for helping her open her new library. So I got to have one of my favs~COUNTRY HAM!!!!! I can eat country ham until my lips pucker from the salt and my head is spinning from my elevated blood pressure. After dinner we had to buy lots of old time candy. 15 made my night by finding ZOTZ only the best candy EVER! After much laughing and acting stupid-you know, the usual-we pay up and go out to the car. We are splitting the candy~a rock candy swizzle stick for each of us, 5 hard candy sticks each, all the Zotz for me, and 15 keeps the whole bag of Cow Tails to herself! I told her I felt violated by the double cross. She laughs and says, "Yea, it's like when a real jerky guy is really good looking. You still want him cause he's hot, but you feel violated by his jerkiness." How did that girl get so smart?


At first, I see only the bad
Chickweed in the collards, if you will
But then I look closely
and see a bit of beauty still

In the midst of all the turmoil
the ugly, the useless, the weeds
a little spark of something peeks
reminding me of the fertile seeds

So I hike up my thoughts and kneel down
pulling from our ground all those nasty things
starting over, smoothing our dirt
preparing our bed for Spring

When all the anger and hurt are bygones
the new life has room to grow
Stronger, better, protected from the Winter
Able to withstand the inevitable cold and snow

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A List to get the fingers limber

1. My new favorite~Van Morrison. "Into the Mystic" is genius!
2. Secret celebrity crushes: Jeff Goldblum, Lenny Kravitz, Corbin Bleu and Mark McGuire (OK, that one is not a secret among my friends...)
3. I need to live near the water. Even if I don't go to the beach enough, just knowing I can get there in 15 minutes calms my Pisces soul.
4. If I could be any movie character ever, I would be Annie from Bull Durham. She taught, wrote, had deep thoughts, lived for baseball and ultimately got the guy who understood her better than she understood herself~and loved her all the more for it.
5. I cherish my adult friendships more than those of my youth. I have manged to assemble the best group of people in my life. We don't spend a lot of time stroking each others egos, we really don't spend a lot of time in each others presence, but all I have to do is pick up a phone or drop an e-mail and it is like no time has passed at all. These people are awesome and I try to remember to let them know it as often as possible.
6. I love slang and cussing, but when I get really angry, I use all these really big words. My kids are used to it, but the 5 year old and the limited English kids at my school look at me like I am crazy..."what is this woman saying? Is she mad or is she even talking to me? She's nuts!"
7. I am addicted to a computer game called "Rebound Infinity" I spend hours shooting a little ball at spinning things.
8. 14 and I play the Ohio State Fight Song (Buckeye Battle Cry) to get fired up for stuff.
Well, enough psychological insight for tonight. Rico is waiting (the little green guy in my game, not a hot guy...dang, my life sucks!)

The power of words

Well, I gonna try again! I could lie and tell you I have been busy or nothing good happened or I had nothing to say, but the truth is I let someone I barely know take the wind out of my "writing sails". A person I had a brief moment with simply said that my writing had changed since I started using some of the prompt sites to jump start my writing. I was horrified! I took that to mean in a bad way and just stopped!!! I never bothered to ask if it was good, bad or indifferent~my totally lack of confidence in my ability took that as a total rejection and I crawled under a rock and licked my wounds (can I manage one more cliche) then I decided to put on my big girl panties (YES I can!!) and go back to it. I will never know what he meant, but I know I have to write so I am going to give it another shot. Some stuff will be real life, some observations, some fiction, but all of it will be me~and that's all I can do.