Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hot boys in little Speedos

Last Saturday, I went to a "Smackdown". Yes, Wrestling. Not the Olympic kind, the Hulk Hogan kind. Why? To quote 15, "It's hot men in little Speedos, what's not to like?" I agreed ( she is, after all, her mother's daughter) , the Ex's Wife bought the tickets, so off we all went. By all, I mean 15, 13, Step-Sister, Half Brother, 3 of 15's friends and me...We borrowed Ex's giant SUV and drove to watch. Ex even threw in money for McD's~Ex can be OK now and then. The five girls range in age from 12-15 and all are totally cute. None of them are really deeply aware of it. 15 looks much older, but doesn't care. In the line at McD's, a couple of young men are staring at all my girls. One of them says to the other "I know it makes me a pervert, but I would hit any one of them." It took remarkable restraint, but I did not smack him in the mouth. It hit me that I cannot go around smacking men in the mouth ( or other vulnerable parts) for looking at/talking about my daughter. I want to wrap her in a plastic bag and put her on the shelf like my mom's Barbie collection so she never has to experience anything bad or sad. But reality check time~life involves good people and bad people and I have given her the tools to know the difference, so I walked away and everybody's teeth and male paraphernalia remained in place.
The boys in Speedos??? VERY HOT!!! I will not lie! The girl knows what she is talking about. Ain't NOTHING wrong with that!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for getting me hooked on My daughter told me about Drifting Divergence and I read a little......we met once maybe in daytona.....she an a few of her nutty friends....I thought at the time you were the please don't take that as an insult. You will have to figure out who my daughter is but she came to visit her mother this weekend for her mothers 69th birthday......V