Thursday, November 8, 2007

My first

You know, I am not really a beige person. I have always thought of myself in terms of black and jewel tones-I used to say beige made me physically ill. So why do I suddenly own a half dozen pairs of khakis of varying lengths and styles? I blame it on the Gap phase of my life. I was working at Gap Kids (for the discount on toddler clothes) around the time of the Gap Khaki craze and I was brainwashed into believing all would be well if I just had khakis-I could SWING, baby! So I got a pair that I had to wear for promo purposes and 10 years later I wore beige 4 f'ing days this week to work~and no swinging at all. I also acquired my best friend (who wears khakis but wears them better than anyone I have ever seen) around that time at the same place. Now, she's getting ready to divorce for the second time during this same ten years and I can't even find someone to buy me dinner...Coincidence, I think not. Khaki=lonely-DEATH TO THE KHAKI PANTS! Bring back the black and jewel tones!

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