Thursday, November 8, 2007

13 & 15

I have the 2 best kids on the planet-don't even argue-you won't win.
15 is an incredible girl. She was such a rotten toddler that I actually said to her at 3, "One of us will not make it until you are 18" and she agreed. At 5 she became this incredible creature~so wonderful it is scary~great grades, sax player, good sport, wannabe lawyer, writer, happy, grounded... WOW! So 15 is telling me about her cramps yesterday. She tells me how bad they are and then says, "I looked down and said Ok Uterus, knock it off. Bad Uterus, bad Uterus!" I thought I would seriously wet myself (I am 45 and have had 2 C Sections-it is always a possibility) How great is this kid! My very cool-for the 70's- mom still would have died if I had said that to her. I love and hate that today's kids feel they can say anything to an adult and get away with it. If they were all potential Saturday Night Live writers like mine, I would have much more tolerance.

13 is an almost stereotypical teenage boy. Jock, underachieving gifted slacker child who will go through life having jewels and panties thrown at him. His father's dead gay alcoholic psychic (I am not making this up) said he would invent something that would make him rich. I think it will have to be something soft and round since he is drawn to large breasts and has a tactile side that leads him to stoke satin, silk and sheepskin rugs. He is such a genuinely wonderfully loving child. He holds hands with me at the store, wants to sit on my lap. I have been talking about sex and the accompanying feelings with this boy because it is only a matter of time before his charm, sports ability and wit get him invited to sit on someone else's lap. Hopefully he will be rich because I think his taste will run to Playboy Bunnies and Maxim Models.
15 has inherited my sarcasm and 13 has inherited my inability to hide my emotions. God help them both!

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