Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Profile...

This is what I posted at one dating site. I really think it describes me pretty well. I am going to keep it and see what happens. Whadda ya think??

Well....let see. I am just looking for a "regular guy" kind of friend. Someone to hang out with, have dinner and a movie, a decent intelligent conversation, the requisite "walk on the beach". Someone who realizes my children are the best kids on the planet and will sit through baseball, basketball, marching band ,tennis, volleyball and lacrosse (yes there are just 2 kids)and cheer, joke and be silly with me. A guy who can appreciate my friends and all their issues. A person who understands a woman who likes both Miami Ink & Disney Channel TV Shows, all kinds of music from rock to R &B to 70's, classic American muscle cars, reads voraciously, loves Ohio State football, the Bengals and the Reds all equally and who will always cry if a movie/tv show/book/commercial is the slightest bit sad. I am quick witted, more than a little sarcastic and I will happily give my opinion-usually whether asked or not! I LOVE my job and cannot imagine doing anything else. I recently discovered what Heaven will be like: a chair on a porch on a beach house, with a cold Diet Coke, a plate of cheese and fruit, a brand new book and my kids frolicking in the waves close by (but not too close, they are teenagers ) It really was paradise! If I said anything intriguing, please write. I do not want to get married..I swear!!


archipeligo said...

Hey friend, I am so proud of you! Any man would be lucky to enjoy your quick whit, easy laugh, and incredible gift of conversatin'.
I love your blog and just may have to follow your lead and start one myself.

Anonymous said...

were have you posted, I'm intrigued