Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hope, Love and other nasty stuff

I have several friends divorcing or ending long term relationships. Even though it is painful for all, I can honestly say they are all making good choices for them. Some relationships have run out of feelings, some have too many toxic feelings~but they all need to end. It is painful, watching people you care about hurt. It is almost enough for this gal to think there is no hope. I have spent the last 10 years alone, focusing on licking my wounds and raising my children. Now I am thinking I am ready to go out and try it all again and I am afraid that with all these beautiful, talented, intelligent women out there...well, OK, I have self esteem issues! I heard Robert Downey Jr today say in an interview that you should never tell an addict there is always hope. They will continue self destructive behavior thinking "As long as there is hope, I don't have to change yet. I can go on, cause there's always hope I will get better". I guess I have to disagree about love. As long as there are men and women, we can always hope, that despite our self destructive behaviors, we can find someone who makes us happy, joyful and fulfilled. At least 75% of the time. Ask me later about the 75/25 rule.

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