Tuesday, November 13, 2007

21st Century Mom

I want to be Jane Jetson. Seriously. Aren't I now supposed to live in a floating space condo, have a hovercar, put my kids in tubes and send them anywhere, walk my dog on a treadmill, have a robot cook my meals? I was looking forward to it, damn it! Instead, I get this day. Up at 5:45, drop off 15 at 6:45, drop off 13 at 7:15, to school by 7:30. After school program at 3, pick up 15 from Drama at 5, pick up 13 from basketball at 5:15, eat at Taco Bell (BIG MISTAKE), Story time in the library from 6:30-7:30, home by 8. Let out crossed leg dog (thank you for having a giant bladder, Fat Dog), start laundry load 1. Watch NCIS, do laundry load 2, watch House, check e-mail while listening to a really funny guy on Comedy Central, update blog. I am a 21st Century Mom-I just don't have any of the gadgets! I really wanted the car that folded into a briefcase. But it would probably end up smashed down in the bottom of the case with my cell phone, gum, hair tie, jumpdrive, pen, debit card, and 2 weeks of receipts cause this was the check I was going to start keeping track of my money. It's really for the best, I guess. The poor car would end up wherever my mind is since I lost it. I have feeling that place is really scary!

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