Monday, November 12, 2007


Tonight, I am tired. Normally, I am an insomniac of professional proportions. Last night it was 1 am, up at 5:45, for example. But today, my ADD has failed me and I am bone weary as I sit here typing. I have no right to be this tired, but I am. My grandmother used to plant tobacco, by hand, acres of it. My mother worked 12 hour shifts at GM. They were tired. All I did all day was "school stuff". My brain, I think, is tired. My scattered, meandering, wandering mind has finally slowed down, come back home and said to the rest of me, "C'mon, just a little nap~She'll hardly miss us". They are right. I won't miss them. Or the re-runs of David Letterman (LOVE him) or the Kim Possible episode on at midnight. I think I might just go lay down and sleep for once. But first I have to read a few chapters....maybe a few loads of laundry...or the dishes...Sigh......Tonight, I am tired.

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