Saturday, July 26, 2008

Calmed by the winds

I have kind of a sixth sense about rain and storms. Not like a trick knee or an arthritic hip (not yet anyway) or anything, just a general knowledge of what is coming and how close it is going to be. My Grandpa told me once you can tell if rain is a comin' when the leaves on the trees show their underside. I still look to the treees when the wind picks up. I remember a house I lived in when I was 5 that had a giant picture window and I would sit on the back of the coach and watch it rain. This was in "tornado country" but I was never afraid. And despite living in "Hurricane/Lightening Country" now, I am still calmed, not agitated, by storms. Even during the last Big One, when my house was breathing like a living part of the storm, I had to sit in my window and watch. It was awe inspiring.

The rumble starts long before I hear it
Low below my consciousness
I can feel the calm approaching

The serenity of a thunderstorm
Powerful gathering clouds
Strong wind blown rain

The heart of Mother Nature
beating from her breast to my roof
Like a child held in her mother's arms

Settling me into her peace
I nap wrapped in her safety
while she nurses the Earth

Like her other children
I awake refreshed after nourishment
Stronger for all she has given me


danni said...

what a unique source of being soothed and very well written - i really enjoyed reading this post!!!

Karen said...

"The serenity of a thunderstorm"--I'd never thought of it in that way, but I can feel the truth. Lovely post...