Monday, April 26, 2010


I am popping popcorn (like every Friday am) when I hear screaming down the hall where the kids sit before school starts (it is early, maybe 7:30 am).
"They are fighting, They are fighting!"
"What is going on here?" {in my best principal in training voice}

"They were fighting and SHE (pointing a Kindergarten student) used the F WORD!"

"Both of you, with me-You {pointing at most reliable tattletale in the mix} come and tell me the story."
stay with me..this is where it gets good...
"OK, OK, OK, so, She (the k kid) was messing with the big kid's brother. The big kid ( a 2nd grader) says stop it and leave him alone. The little kid walked up, said "Oh yeah, well you are a FAT F@*& and then flicked the big kid in the forehead. The big kid slapped her."

OK...breath in...breath out...{remain in principal in training voice}

Yelled at the slapper (who really just pushed her on the arm), wrote up the flicker, popped popcorn.
The insult to injury was the forehead flick..I would have slapped her too!

Peanut Butter Crackers
5 (yes 5) flash drives
12 pens
a quarter

tears, deadlines...blah, blah

yes it is that small on purpose...

The Bloggess

She is some serious funny...if you like that sort of thing
(not safe for work...or really human eyes)

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Thanks to June Cleaver Nirvana


texasholly said...

I loved the tote bag and really felt like I was sitting right beside you in grad school! haha.

I am the Bloggess' biggest fan so I couldn't agree more about her awesomeness.

Thanks for throwing a potluck!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great principal story! I love the Blogess!

Ash said...

Serious principal in training points if you kept a straight face.

You're right, sounded like she needed a good slap.

Shauna said...

I could never be a principal (in training or out). Ever. Enough said.