Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A quick one counts, right?

I can't write at home cause my computer has "teenage boy-itis", so today is a quick

"Thankful Tuesday"

1. My sense of humor
2. The crazy people I know who "get me"
3. A car that starts, runs, gets good gas mileage
4. My cell phone and its awesome camera
5. A part time job that pays well and is really kind of fun.
6. Someone has paid me to write!
7. My parents rock!
8. The Good Lord shining down on people who truly deserve it.
9. I have yet to really lose it this week... I have been "testy"...
but no one has had to face "THE WRATH OF LIBRARYGIRL"
but hey! H1N1 clinic tomorrow, so ...
10. You..whomsoever you may be :)

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