Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today's special guest

Sunday Scribblings

Welcome to our show! Today's special guest is...oh, let's see, I've lost the card...Oh yes, here it is! Today's special guest is a mother, a librarian, a wanna-be writer...Let's welcome...ME!


Thanks so much for being here today!
Thanks for asking me to be here today
It has been a long time since your last visit
Yes, way too long
So what's new in your life? Any special projects?
Well~I have to wash the dog, do about 1000 loads of laundry...
Sounds delightful!
Oh and wash the car!
Excellent, excellent...I see here on my card that you have been writing.
Yes, I am doing the whole"blog for 30 days" thing
Oh! I heard about that! Everyone is doing it! blog is different from the others!

**awkward silence**

And OK then. So are you writing anything else?
I am doing some technical writing. And getting paid .02 each to select titles.
That makes you a "published author" then, doesn't it

**canned laughter**

I can see by the clock on the wall we only have few moments left. Have you been doing any traveling?
Oh YES! I just returned from lovely St. Petersburg, FL where I spent an extensive amount of time at the
Raymond A. Naimoli Baseball Complex. I also was on tour with a delightful group of musicians and we played two different footballs stadiums on consecutive Friday Nights.

Sounds like a wonderful experience! Well, we are out of time-until next time. Won't you come back soon and tell all about your exciting career?
Oh! I have such an riveting tale about the snakes in the library!

We look forward to hearing all about it
And join us tomorrow when our guest will be the traumatized maids who had to clean the hotel room that smelled like feet and ass after the teen age boy baseball players left. A sad, terrifying tale~Don't miss it!

Until then, Drive Safe and don't forget...the middle finger is the universal symbol for "Hey! I respect your skills behind the wheel!"


Heliotropism said...

LOL, the ending was great! This was really creative.

Gel said...

Like the woman above, I liked your humorous ending! (also the poor maids...) I can so identify with your post!

Chapter Forty said...

It's interesting to read the flip side of interviewer and interviewee. I used to work in a library, we never had snakes just wee, poo and overdoses.