Sunday, December 9, 2007

The 75/25 Rule

I feel we know each other well enough that I can share my life philosophy with you. I call it the "75/25 Rule" and it goes like this. As long as you are happy, joyful, and fulfilled 75% of the time, you are doing great in this life. Think about it this way: You go to SuperTarget (otherwise known as the Mothership). You get groceries, the produce is fresh, the prices are good. You hit the clearance racks, pick up a little something new for a really good price, find a rug that is the perfect color for your living room, a funny card, some great shoes. It takes about 45 minutes and you are feeling good, girl! You head for the checkout...and I mean THE checkout. There is only one and the line is long!! It takes 15 minutes to get out of the store. Your ice is melted, your milk is warm and you ate half a bag of M & M's in line. This sucks!!! Do you let the 15 minutes rule your life, or the 45? If it is the 45, then you get it! Life will not always be perfect, but as long as you have M & M's, bargain clothes and great shoes, you are living right. If you let the 15 win, then you need to rethink things. Why should one bad portion of your day make you yell at dogs and kick small children for the rest of the day?
Now, I am not Little Miss Mary Sunshine or Debbie Downer. If your life is an experience in misery most of the time or if you are pooping rainbows all the time, you need therapy and medication to live here in the real world with the rest of us. And let's face it, some days it is all "sunshine and light and laughter" good and some days it is "stick your head in the oven " bad. But if over the course of your 100 years on the planet, you get 75 good ones and 25 bad ones, you have done all right for yourself. I am in an 80/20 place right now...think I 'll buy a lottery ticket :)


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