Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Love Being a Girl!

I love shoes and purses~~SERIOUSLY love. No matter what size I may be, a really good fitting skirt makes my legs look GREAT! The power that comes with knowing awesome high heels will bring any man to his knees. I love the idea that I can be sexy and it doesn't matter what my abs look like or if I have all my hair or if I am under 30~all women have that ability! I love getting doors opened for me, I love good hair days, I love dancing in the rain with my kids. I love that fact that I gave birth to my children~even if it took a surgeon to help me! I loved nursing both those children in the quiet of the night all alone, just the two of us. I love that women can just be together and eat and talk and drink wine and giggle and cry and carry on and bitch and brag. I love that I can cry anytime I want. Just tonight my daughter and I were sobbing in the car because the "Christmas Shoes" song came on the radio~how anyone can listen to that song and not lose it is beyond me. I love that I can laugh anytime I want. Like when I am alone in the car listening to Bob & Tom or like at the greeting card section trying to pick out a birthday card~all alone~it's a wonder I am not arrested. I love that your girlfriends will love the man you love when you love him and hate him when you hate him and love him again~all in the same day. I can love the Buckeyes & baseball, museums, AC/DC, sleazy romance novels, Toughman competitions and cool jewelery-all at the same time! I can take a book to lunch and eat by myself and everyone thinks I am strong and full of self esteem-not a lonely loser. But what I love the most is that I can occasionally ~totally and completely spontaneously ~do something that a man my age (or any man for that matter) cannot. I went to dinner with a wonderful group of friends the other night. We laughed, ate, exchanged Christmas Ornaments, laughed some more and had a really nice time. When we left the restaurant, a band was playing in the bar next door and a friend and I broke into dance~separately, but at the same time. Now, I am as graceful as a hippo in a tutu~not those cute ones from Fantasia but real hippos. But it was so fun and freeing to do a couple of spins in front of a very fancy restaurant in a very fancy shopping center and have no one think I had gone off the deep end.. If a man had done that, someone would have broken out the Breathalyzer! That's the best thing of all. Crazy men are creepy and to be avoided~Crazy women are endearing and to be indulged :)


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