Sunday, December 23, 2007

Justifying the title of this blog...

My thoughts:

1. It is never a good idea to eat potato chips while listening to your iPod with the head phones on.
2. Despite my best efforts, my son is a testoterone fueled man-child! Even after grilled beast and potatoes, he won't shop with me.
3. You cannot make other people do what you want them to do, even if you know what is best for them.
4, Wishing and hoping for something does not make it so.
5. Alone time is as satisfying as together time~
6. #5 aside, I now know I will not be alone forever. There is someone out there for me. I just have to keep living my life, be open to new experiences and follow my gut. It will happen!
7. My children will be grown in 4 years. The very thought makes me verklempt.
8. I love Yiddish! I think that is the next language I will learn. Meshuggener is one of the best words ever. So is Bubeleh. It is such a warm word~So is Bubbee. So maybe I won't learn it, but I will slip more of it into my vernacular.
9. "Crash Into Me" is one is of the best love/sex songs EVER~
Hike up your skirt a little more And show your world to me"~WOW!!! Granted, a little creepy, but to be adored like that~even by a stalker :)
10. If all men treated women(OK~ and vice versa) like Toby Keith sings about in "Rock You Baby", there would be no divorce.
11. I heard a description today of the perfect man for me: Spartan Peter Pan. A manly-man, tough, take charge warrior with a silly childish side. Any out there? Yep, there are :)
12. All women are 14 year old girls, all men are 13 year old boys. It's the truth. Look around at the people you know~you know it's true.
13. Sing along out loud~ it's always fun!
14. My kids are seriously attractive people~inside and out!
15. We all need to be good to each other. The world is a VERY small place and you never know who knows who.
16. Spinning around in a chair while staring at the ceiling will always make you laugh! And dizzy~much faster than it used to..must be middle age crap..but it is still fun!
17. Surround yourself with good people. Trust me on this one. Life is too short to waste it on people who bring you grief and heartache or bore you.
18. Riding in a convertible makes you 17 again.
19. And finally...everyone in the world is an idiot but me!
If you don't think that is funny, you need to spin around in a chair a couple of times and get your joy back :)
I wish peace, love and joy for all of you this Christmas. May you receive exactly what makes your heart sing in 2008!

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Robin Hood said...

Wow, what a month for Library Girl!
How was Christmas? Wishing you an absolutely fearless, fabulous New Year!